We don't just craft shoes but their destiny too

Every shoe crafted in an AstorMueller facility is a testament to great workmanship and design. We believe that the journey onward should be nothing less than extraordinary. And so we pave the road ahead for every shoe to speak its tale.

Design & Development

Constant research and analysis on the latest international shoe trends. Dedicated design studios with an experienced, youthful design team. State-of-the-art technology and shoe development centres. And rapid prototyping that brings new ideas to life in the shortest possible time.


We are one of the largest producers of premium-quality shoes, using the finest materials. Critical European technical production and know how is enabled across all production facilities, with training and on-the-ground management. For guaranteed social and environmental responsibility, all partners are committed to the AstorMueller 

Code of Conduct.

Marketing & Distribution

A ‘Fast Time-to-Market’ approach delivers new styles and innovative collections to the trade every week. International, high-performing teams efficiently manage operations. European and international distribution networks, of our subsidiaries and exclusive partners, engage both digital and physical points of sale – reaching customers everywhere.

Partner with AstorMueller

Brand Management

In-house brand management ensures consistent, high-impact communication across markets and channels. Where brands are uniquely positioned in the industry and in the minds of customers. Facilitated by our ability to craft emotional, lifestyle-oriented communication and launch year-round campaigns. All, in pace with the momentum of our constantly evolving brands.