For AstorMueller, the responsible and legally compliant way of working of our employees and suppliers is a basic prerequisite for the long-term success of our company. A common-sense approach and the code of conduct forms the basis for the worldwide trust of our employees, customers, and partners. Our behaviour towards employees, business partners, suppliers and the public are characterized by integrity, responsibility, and fair working conditions. AstorMueller does not tolerate any violations of applicable laws, internal regulations, or our Code of Conduct. If, despite our best efforts, applicable regulations are not fully complied with in our business environment, we will establish compliance promptly. AstorMueller has a confidential Whistle-Blowing procedure to allow and encourage employees as well as external third parties to confidentially report potential violations. Reporting a compliance incident is voluntary and can be made anonymously to the Ombudsman via email at We promptly investigate reported incidents confidential confidentially, thoroughly, and responsible responsibly.